A Holistic Approach to Physical Therapy,
Healing Root Causes of Pain with
Myofascial Release & More

Return to a Pain-Free, Active Lifestyle

Essence Physical Therapy Services in Grand Rapids MI including Myofascial Release Therapy and more

Essence Physical Therapy
Treats the Following Conditions

Headaches  |  Back Pain  |  Neck Pain  |  TMJ Dysfuntion |  Other Joint Pain  |  Scar Tissue Release  |  Vertigo  | Tinnitus  |  Torticollis  |  Plagiocephaly  | Incontinence and Bladder Dysfunction  | Fibromyalgia  |  Plantar Fasciitis  |  Carpal Tunnel  Syndrome |  Scoliosis  |  Chronic Fatigue  |  Endometriosis  |  Interstitial Cystitis  |  Pelvic Floor Pain  |  More 


“Wow! I’m not one to gush, but Rachel is just short of a miracle worker.
My knee kept swelling up along with other ailments and within just one treatment,
my knee hasn’t swollen at all…I’m in shock and feel blessed that I’m being treated by Rachel.”
– Nancy D.

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